When it comes to education, audio and video systems can be the most crucial tool in making your place of learning enter a new level of communication and engagement. From college-level auditoriums to one-on-one learning opportunities, technology can find its place in any educational space – traditional or modern. Teachers know the importance of a great visual aide to allow their students to follow the lesson plan with ease, and with the assistance of audio enhancements, they can ensure their lesson reaches every eager listener. 


As a companion to the Education Technology Solutions ebook, we’ve developed this visual tool – a pictorial representation of any typical education space and the technologies within each room. This will help your customer visualize how these products will fit into their space, how they can assist in the learning environment and allow improved opportunities to grant accessibility to all.


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The Classroom equipped with cutting edge technology is one key aspect of keeping students interactive, interested and actively listening. Whether amplifying the announcements from across the building, engaging with other students from home or easily displaying content, the technology is sure to retain people’s interest and desire to learn. 



The Hallway is the most trafficked part of any education building as students travel from class to class. Ensure your students are able to keep track of all the latest announcements and forums by proudly displaying them with these technological tools.



The Auditorium is the perfect place to implement top grade visual and audio equipment, ensuring that students can see and hear every presentation no matter the size of the room. Whether for student performances, faculty meetings or hosting the all important graduation ceremony, having the right technology ensures everyone can be a part of the experience.



The Gymnasium - a place for exercise, stress relief and team bonding experiences. Make sure your students can clearly hear any important announcement with these quality audio products.



The Cafeteria is the is the social epicenter of any EDU building. Implementing technology listed here is the perfect way to maintain your student's schedules and delight them with news of upcoming events.


Lobby & Front Office

The Lobby & Front Office is where people congregate before and after school, and is the initial impression someone visiting for the first time. Anyone in this space can easily learn more about your education center and school schedule through many technologies. People will feel invited and welcome with a taste of the opportunities you offer, in high definition and with great sound.