The Quiet Room

A quiet room is the perfect place for technology. From amplifying the service from across the building, to viewing the production on a large HD screen allows parents to stay plugged into the message while tending to children. Each technology can be used on its own, or in conjunction with others listed here. This is by no means a comprehensive list nor do we suggest using ALL of these technologies together. This guide is merely a starting point for a conversation.

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Hear the worship service from the sanctuary during a service while keeping baby cries out of the sanctuary. Ensure no word or note is ever missed with great sound amplification from ceiling or wall mounted speakers. Depending on the size and shape of the room, the number of speakers will vary to cover the entire space.

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Mass Notification

More than just a digital clock, these HD color mass notification displays clearly present important announcements, alerts and even a flasher bar for enhanced messaging. The large speaker and microphone offer paging and two-way intercom capabilities. This is very important tech for each room in your building.

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Display with Digital Signage

The interactive display panel makes it easy for patrons to see calendars, upcoming gatherings and scheduled events. Perfect for the quiet room, anyone can interact with the display and browse through specific applications.

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Emergency Button

Installed in a discrete location, an emergency button is there for – yes, emergencies. Silently activate a programed message to a predetermined recipient. A simple indicator light will blink or go solid, depending on the status of the alert. Easily mount under a table or desk.