The Sanctuary

The sanctuary is the hub, where it all happens. Experiencing a service with the technology listed here is sure to delight and engage your congregation. These devices can be used on their own, or in conjunction with others listed here. This is by no means a comprehensive list nor do we suggest using ALL of these technologies together. This guide is merely a starting point for a conversation.

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Hear the exciting message and music loud and clear with speakers. Ensure no word or note is ever missed with great sound amplification. Depending on the size and shape of the sanctuary, the number of speakers will vary to cover the entire space. A ceiling-mounted speaker makes for clear voice lift or easily-heard multimedia presentations, giving the whole room a chance to hear what is being presented.

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Video Wall

With a wide variety of options, such as direct-view LED, LCD, and projection blending, video walls and large format displays are more prominent than ever in the modern House of Worship. Creative and artistic designs create the most impactful experience possible, helping your message land so your patrons come back for a great experience.

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Capture the music coming from singers and players alike with microphones especially for performances. Each microphone is carefully placed to receive sound perfectly so your patrons hear them clearly playing and singing. Microphones can be mounted to the ceiling, for an uninterrupted view of the stage or altar. Pick up every word or note with convenient ceiling-mounted mics, without having to handle a microphone stand.

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Gooseneck Microphone

For the pulpit or podium, assure that the speaker is being heard, while offering a sleek form factor. The gooseneck is adjustable for anyone, for clear voice lift and amplification.

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PTZ NDI Pro Camera

Streaming is a must in today's worship space. Camera technology now enables higher quality productions with ease, and less hands on deck to run the show. Whether you're utilizing multiple cameras or even a single one, with tracking and framing technology, the right camera system will ensure your virtual attendants will forget that they're not there in person with you.

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Wireless Headset Microphone

For speakers on the move, a wireless headset microphone allows for maximum mobility and voice lift, without the hassle of holding a mic or moving a microphone stand around.

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Zone Controller

Inject mass notification into the sanctuary sound system, quickly.

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Emergency Button

Installed in a discrete location, an emergency button is there for – yes, emergencies. Silently activate a programed message to a predetermined recipient. A simple indicator light will blink or go solid, depending on the status of the alert. Easily mount under a table or desk.