The Classroom

The classroom equipped with cutting edge technology is one key aspect of keeping children interactive, interested and actively listening. Whether amplifying the service from across the building, engaging with other students from home or easily displaying content, the technology is sure to retain young people’s interest and desire to learn. Each technology can be used on its own, or in conjunction with others listed here. This is by no means a comprehensive list nor do we suggest using ALL of these technologies together. This guide is merely a starting point for a conversation.

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Hear the exciting message from the sanctuary, for later discussion in the classroom. Ensure no word or note is ever missed with great sound amplification from ceiling or wall mounted speakers. Depending on the size and shape of classroom, the number of speakers will vary to cover the entire space.

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Mass Notification

More than just a digital clock, these HD color mass notification displays clearly present important announcements, alerts and even a flasher bar for enhanced messaging. The large speaker and microphone offer paging and two-way intercom capabilities. This is a very important tech for each room in your building.

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Video Bar

A video bar that fits your space will capture each face in the room, while following the teacher during instruction, whether stationary or on the move. This video with speaker technology is useful in all classrooms because it allows the teacher and class to interact with at-home students while being seen and heard from across the room.

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Interactive Display Panel

The interactive display panel makes class instruction easier so each student can see the content clearly. The teacher can interact with the content without worrying whether those in back can view the message clearly. With these large HD screens, students learning from home can be displayed for the whole classroom and is a great way for everyone to stay engaged wherever they are.

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Ceiling Microphone

A ceiling-mounted microphone makes for great voice amplification for both the students and the teacher, as well as offering a better experience for remote students.

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Whiteboard Camera

If you prefer a classic method to get information across to students in-person and elsewhere, a whiteboard camera will help with that. An easily wall-mounted camera keeps the whiteboard in view while omitting the teacher’s hand during instruction to avoid distraction. Like magic, except it is

cutting-edge technology!

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Emergency Button

Installed in a discrete location, an emergency button is there for – yes, emergencies. Silently activate a programed message to a predetermined recipient. A simple indicator light will blink or go solid, depending on the status of the alert. Easily mount under a table or desk.

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Teacher/Student Laptop

With the right software and an individual PC, teachers and students interact with the lesson together. The teacher can easily create a direct link to the students’ computers to assist with completing assignments and offering instruction. Sharing files and multimedia are necessary in the 21st century classroom, this makes it easier.

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Wireless Microphone

One of the most important things for students, especially those who are hard of hearing or have learning disabilities, is being able to access information. A classroom microphone provides not only clear sound quality for students toward the back of the room, but also allows for teacher mobility during instruction.