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4M Building Solutions
Contractor Pollution Liability (CPL) ​Insurance Coverage 


4M Completed Independent Third-Party Risk Evaluation by Insurance Underwriting To Secure CPL Insurance 

  • Much more rigorous and in-depth than any other insurance underwriting process. 

  • 4M received an affirmative coverage grant for COVID-19, Legionnaires disease, mold, and a wide range of other contaminants. 

  • 4M is the FIRST and ONLY (known to date) janitorial company in the U.S. to carry CPL insurance, which was adopted for our customers’ protection.  

  • Rigorous underwriting and safety program requirements are a barrier to most all commercial cleaning and disinfecting providers.  


CPL Insurance Is Most Likely Not Available To Building Owners And Managers 

  • Common exclusions in general property and liability insurance policies now leave building owners and managers exposed to biohazard claims including mold, fungi, legionella, and coronavirus. 

  • Building owners and managers that engage uninsured and/or uninsurable cleaning and disinfecting service providers without CPL insurance can make their buildings uninsurable for contaminant claims. 


Through 4M, Building Owners And Managers Have The Ability To Be Covered Without Purchasing Their Own CPL Policy 

  • Being named as an additional insured to 4M’s CPL coverage, extends that same coverage to the client for whom 4M is providing the disinfection services. 

  • 4M has already borne the cost of the underwriting and policy issuance to provide this unique coverage that minimizes claim risk for their clients.  


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Thoughts About

Disinfecting Your Facility  

SARS-CoV-2 has led to a lot of myths and misinformation about facility cleaning and disinfection. Tom Covilli, 4M VP of Safety and Risk Management, sets the record straight.


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