Updates to 
Version 6 of the B Impact Assessment


Learn more about the updates to the latest version of the B Impact Assessment!

Join Dan Osusky and Ana Citlalic Gonzalez-Martinez of B Lab's Standards Management Team as they take you through structural changes and improvements to individual questions and metrics of Version 6 of the B Impact Assessment.

Attendees will also learn how to review changes to the B Impact Assessment and provide public comment within the B Impact Assessment platform. 

The webinar was recorded on Thursday, October 18th. 

Hosted by:
Veena Harbaugh
B Lab, Business Development


Veena helps companies learn about B Corp Certification and find ways to improve their social and environmental impacts. She has an MBA from Presidio Graduate School and has worked for SF Environment, C2ES, and Salesforce.

Introducing Version 6 of the BIA

Dan Osusky, Director of Standards, B Lab

Dan is the Director of Standards at B Lab, a global non-profit that serves people using business as a force for good.  As Director of Standards Dan is responsible for the standards and content of the B Impact Assessment, the social and environmental performance measurement and management tool used to certify B Corporations and issue GIIRS Ratings. The B Impact Assessment is currently used by more than 70,000 businesses, ranging from publicly traded multinationals to SMEs, to measure, compare, manage, and improve their impact on stakeholders including workers, community, customers, and the environment.

Ana Citlalic Gonzalez-Martinez, Standards Management Senior Analyst, B Lab

Citla is the Senior Standards Management Analyst at B Lab. She is responsible for collecting, responding to, and proactively seeking feedback on the B Impact Assessment from users and stakeholders. She also conducts data analysis as well as qualitative research to improve the BIA Standards and Content.

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