Dental clinic expands

Faith Mission dental clinicThe Delta Dental Foundation provided the Faith Mission dental clinic in Worthington a $20,000 grant to fund two new dental chairs, dental equipment, clinic supplies and medication. The new chairs can withstand up to 460 pounds and offer essential support areas for a wide range of body types. The new chairs also offer exceptional clinician access and can accommodate dental providers who are right- or left-handed. These upgrades will enhance the care and comfort of patients and increase the efficiency of treatment. Faith Mission provides emergency shelter and services from the homeless, including free medical, dental and vision care.Connect members through Brighter Schedule®

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As a reminder, all participating dentists will receive quarterly (four times a year) mailings asking you to confirm dental office information or to make corrections or additions as needed. This helps us ensure our provider records are accurate. For faster service please contact provider records at 800-656-6495 for correct form(s) and any required documentation to add a provider to your location.

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