Virtual Seminar

Get the skinny on LNP size and total RNA with Stunner

Keeping lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) the right size is key to success, whether for COVID vaccines or gene therapy, so building up a stash of sizing data shouldn’t be a roadblock for your workflows. Stunner delivers a deluge of DLS data so you’re never again standing around for those old school one-by-one instruments to finish reading. Plus, you can save fluorescent dye assays for special occasions now that Stunner pinpoints total RNA quantification from UV/Vis data on the same sample as all that size and aggregation intel. Turbidity is no longer a dealbreaker for spectrophotometry with Stunner’s precise and petite pathlengths. Get more datapoints than you can throw a stick at, so you can finally explore all the conditions you need to for your LNPs – all in less than a minute per 2 µL sample.







Presented by:
Kevin Lance, PhD
Marketing Manager
Unchained Labs