Virtual Seminar

Upgrade to crazy accurate protein quant with Lunatic

Protein quantification used to be about choosing high accuracy or high throughput – but Lunatic is here to eliminate that choice.  Lunatic quantifies protein samples with insane accuracy, precision, and throughput that no other instrument can match.  If you think you’re good with your current low volume UV/Vis reader, you’ll think again when you see how much Lunatic can speed things up.  If great accuracy is what you need, Lunatic’s protein quant delivers – with reproducibility you’ll want in every lab.  In this webinar we’ll show you how Lunatic is truly awesome at protein quantification – with protein data on accuracy, precision, reproducibility, throughput, and contaminant ID. Lunatic’s data proves you’ll never have to choose between accuracy and throughput again.

Presented by:
Ross Walton, PhD
Application Scientist
Unchained Labs