Complimentary End-to-End Career Supports for Early Childhood Teachers and Early Years Learning Networks

The Department of Education and Training (DET) is funding a series of professional learning and  development programs that are available free-of-charge to Victorian early childhood teachers (ECTs) in their first five years of practice.

Career Supports for Early Career Teachers

  • For first-year ECTs - A minimum of five hours of individual coaching to help ECTs get the most out of their first 12 months of practice as an ECT. The program is tailored to the capability and needs of the individual teacher.

  • For second- and third-year ECTs - Communities of Practice (CoP) are being delivered across Victoria. The CoPs will explore local issues of interest for ECTs in their second and third year of practice.

  • An alumni network - Stay connected and share your professional growth and expertise after participating in the coaching or Communities of Practice programs.

Early Years Learning Networks for all Teachers and Educators

  • For all teachers and educators - Early Years Learning Networks are available across all of Victoria for any educator or teacher working in a funded kindergarten program regardless of length of time in the profession, who has an interest in collaborating with others. 



Privacy Notice

By registering to participate in, or receive information about these programs, personal information will be collected. The personal information to be collected includes your name, email address, mobile phone number, early childhood setting and postcode. This personal information is collected from participating early childhood teachers in order to provide a program of end-to-end career supports and early years learning networks. Participation in the program is voluntary and may include individual professional coaching, alumni networks, communities of practice and early years learning networks. Providing your personal information will allow you to participate and engage through our secure online environment.

In order to deliver the individual professional coaching service, early childhood teachers (and their coaches) will have each other’s information (name, phone number and/or email). This information may be disclosed to DET in order to provide you with updates relevant to your role as an early childhood professional, and where otherwise permitted by law. If all requested information is not provided, we may not be able to provide you with the service sought. 

FKA Children Services and Semann & Slattery are contracted to provide this service. You can request access and correction of your personal information by contacting Semann and Slattery at If you would like a full copy of Semann & Slattery’s privacy policy please email or phone 02 9557 1460. 



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