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Lawrence Azerrad is a Los Angeles based Graphic Designer and Creative Director. Azerrad founded LAD design, a graphic design studio dedicated to elevating our cultural experience through design excellence.

Prior to opening LAD design, Lawrence was an art director at Warner Bros Records. He has taught Graphic Design at Art Center College of Design, He currently serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Los Angeles chapter of the AIGA.

With 20 years of designing album artwork for artists such as Sting, Wilco, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Pretenders, The Beach Boys, and The Silversun Pickups, Lawrence looks at the process of defining music through design, and asks how we can deepen our cultural connection to music and the power and meaning behind this through compelling creative in design.

In this special seminar, Lawrence takes us on a journey of the design music connection, sharing work and stories from the field, and will lead us through some of the findings of the Design+Music program, examining how we discover music, our connection to music today and why the visual context matters.