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Part 1: Preparing your Students for the NEW Digital SAT Content: Strategies and Best Practices for Administrators


During this webinar we unleash DSAT exam secrets: new sections, mind-bending questions, and a new paragraph format. We'll help you equip your staff with the knowledge to help students conquer the test’s new digital format and personalize support for their weaknesses. Don't miss this webinar!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the content on the exam: new sections, types of questions, paragraph style format, etc. 
  • Discover how to familiarize students with the digital format and its tools, adaptive test etc.  
  • Find out how to ensure students know how to review and learn key concepts using material that provides immediate, explanatory feedback
  • Learn how to individualize the support to students to address specific weaknesses or challenges

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Part 2: Transitioning from Print to Digital Assessments: Best Practices for the NEW Digital SAT Exam

Thursday, August 24th at 2pm CST

Prepare to explore the Digital SAT exam's updated digital content. We'll also unravel the mystery behind adaptive tests and show you why they're the ultimate game-changer. Mark your calendars, and get ready to help your students achieve their highest scores.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the content on the exam: new sections, types of questions, paragraph style format, etc 
  • Learn more about adaptive tests and why they are so effective
  • Discover how to effectively utilize the online tools on the DSAT interface
  • Find out why digital practice for a digital exam is the best way to go  


How to Align Curriculum and Adapt Instruction in Preparation for the New Digital SAT

Thursday, September 7th at 2pm CST

In this webinar, we're diving headfirst into the crucial topic of aligning curriculum and adapting instruction for the new Digital SAT. Discover how to seamlessly integrate exam preparation into your school's framework, setting a rock-solid plan for conquering the math section and establishing a roadmap for reading and writing. Don't let your students get left in the dust—reserve your spot for this can't-miss webinar.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover why it's important for schools to help student prepare for the DSAT
  • Find out how schools can fit in DSAT preparation seamlessly
  • Learn how to set a plan for math
  • Learn how to set a plan for reading and writing

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Upcoming Webinars:

Professional Development for Educators: Building Expertise in the Digital SAT Instruction

Thursday, September 21 at 2pm CST

During this webinar, we'll equip you with the knowledge to balance core instruction and SAT preparation flawlessly, building capacity and developing top-notch educators. Don't miss out on this turbocharged opportunity to identify resources that benefit your students and drive their Digital SAT success!

Learning Objectives:

  • Building capacity and providing teachers with the information they need
  • Developing educators who can successfully balance core instruction and SAT preparation
  • Creating a district or campus plan that makes sense and helps you achieve your goals
  • Identifying resources that successsfuly support your plan to truly benefit students

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Supporting Underserved Populations: Strategies for Closing the SAT Achievement Gap

Thursday, October 12th at 2pm CST

Unleash the secrets to closing the SAT achievement gap, from district and campus committment to gaining community buy-in. Buckle up as we develop a comprehensive action plan supported by the right resources and staff development. Don't let your students get left behind. Sign up now and learn how to close the SAT achievement gap with precision.

Learning Objectives:

  • How big is the gap and how can we begin to close it?
  • What does district and campus commitment look like?
  • How do you get community buy-in?
  • Developing a comprehensive plan of action
  • Supporting your plan with the right resources and staff development

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Creating a Supportive Environment: Addressing Test Anxiety and Stress around High Stakes Exams Like the Digital SAT

Thursday, October 26th at 2pm CST

Take a deep dive into the root causes of test anxiety and discover strategies to help teachers and counselors mitigate stress. Learn how communities can support students to reduce their burden, and convert stress into success through preparation and information. Don't miss this opportunity to help your staff and students learn the strategies they need to conquer the Digital SAT road with confidence!

Learning Objectives:

  • Deep dive into the root causes of test anxiety
  • Learn what teachers and counselors can do to help mitigate stress and anxiety
  • Discover how communities can work together to help reduce stress in students
  • Explore how districts and schools can use preparation and information to convert stress into success


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