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About MGI

MGI Tech Co. Ltd. (MGI), headquartered in Shenzhen, is committed to building core tools and technology to lead life science through intelligent innovation. Based on its proprietary technology, MGI focuses on research & development, production, and sales of sequencing instruments, reagents, and related products to support life science research, agriculture, precision medicine, and healthcare. MGI is a leading producer of clinical high-throughput gene sequencers*, and its multi-omics platforms include genetic sequencing*, medical imaging, and laboratory automation. MGI's mission is to develop and promote advanced life science tools for future healthcare. For more information, please visit the MGI website or connect with us on TwitterLinkedIn, or YouTube.

*Unless otherwise stated, all sequencers and sequencing reagents are not available in Germany, USA, Spain, UK, Hong Kong, Sweden, Belgium, and Italy.


World Tour of MGISP-Smart 8

From January 24 to February 14 of 2022, MGI, a global life science leader and innovator, unveiled its new high-end core tool for revolutionizing lab automation - MGISP-Smart 8 - an automated sample preparation system in Dubai, London, Boston, and Shenzhen separately.

Medlab Middle East 

Dubai, UAE | 2022.01.24

SLAS 2022

Boston, USA | 2022.02.07


Shenzhen, China | 2022.02.14

Festival of Genomics & Bigdata 

London, UK | 2022.01.26

Are you interested in what's new for our latest lab automation sample-preparation system, MGISP-Smart 8, an independent 8 pipetting robot and how can it help to save time and manpower as well as reduce errors inherent in complex, repetitive liquid handling protocols?

You would not want to miss our unboxing video of MGISP-Smart 8 at MGI LIVE.
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SLAS is an international professional society of academic, industry, and government life sciences researchers coupled with the developers and providers of laboratory automation technology.

This year, MGI brought its 
first face-to-face event in the Americas since 2020! Join the line to check our automation sample preparation platforms at SLAS 2022 in Boston!  Learn More

The Festival of Genomics & Biodata is a place for the global genomics community to meet, learn, and get inspired and a chance to make new, exciting connections with 7,000+ global attendees. 

Discover innovative products, trending technology, infinite networking opportunities, and more at the 2022 edition.  Learn More

MGI introduced its new MGISP-Smart 8 automated sample preparation system to the world at MEDLAB Middle East. The event marks the debut of the MGISP-Smart 8 in international markets outside of China, following the launch of the product in China at the ICG-16 Conference in October 2021.

MGISP-Smart 8 will be available in markets outside of China in April 2022. 
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Supercharged for Lab Automation

MGISP-Smart 8 is an independent 8-channel pipetting robot that achieves flexible and customizable lab automation with several innovations in the pipette and gripper functions.