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Successful Strategies to Reduce LWBS
UNC Lenoir Memorial Hospital

Left Without Being Seen (LWBS) is a healthcare term often used by emergency departments (ED) to designate a patient encounter that ended with the patient leaving the healthcare setting before he/she could be seen by a certified physician. A low LWBS rate is a reflection of how well an ED is doing achieving its primary objective of being the safety net for its community. Patients lost as LWBS also impact liability as well as hospital revenue.

UNC Lenoir Health Care recognized that processes needed to change in the ED in order to lower the LWBS rate. Read how this was successfully accomplished with the strategic planning and hard work of a very determined Medical Director.

“As a director, I do not expect my team to do anything I would not do. I work a lot of clinical shifts, and when I show up to work, I come with a positive attitude and the goal of seeing patients as efficiently as I possibly can.”

Dr. Daniel Minior, EM Medical Director
UNC Lenoir Health Care

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