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An intuitive, easy-to-use, and flexible solution to meet your product distribution needs

With the Angaza sales solution, you can:

Choose from 50+ pay-as-you-go enabled product, including solar home systems, laptops, and smartphones
2 payment solutions: 50+ mobile payment options, and cash payment
Connect Angaza with your finance, CRM and other software systems to unlock operational automation and flexibility
Comprehensive training, responsive customer support, and success management

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A Flexible Solution


The Angaza Hub is your web interface for all of your sales operations, allowing you to manage your distribution business with ease


Angaza’s mobile app, the Activator, supports data-driven distribution operations in the field, and functions even while offline

Sell Any Product

Our integrated technology platform enables you to increase the affordability of life-changing products, from solar home systems to clean cook-stoves

Choose from over 50 devices from 20+ best-in-class manufacturers

What our Customers are Saying

"Angaza allows us to receive mobile money payments which is huge for us. If we didn’t have that, if it was just cash-based it would create barriers to more customers. Without Angaza it would ground our business, because we wouldn’t be able to track payments and organize our customers."

- SupaMoto

"The biggest improvement after adopting Angaza was the increase in sales rate, driven by the fact that agents are able to see all the sales they’ve made, the details of the clients they sold to and be measured against the targets they’ve set for the clients."

- Greenlight Planet