What You Should Consider Before Transitioning From CME/NEX Abide

Even though the portability flows can look quite basic at a glance, in our experience from previous porting projects, we know there are hidden challenges when you start to look under the surface. Before moving to a new solution, partner with CSS and make sure to find your reporting blindspots.  

In this webinar recording, CSS together with REGIS-TR will guide you on the best practices when transitioning to a new reporting solution, including:

  • The current regulatory landscape and its impact on CME/NEX Abide clients
  • What clients need to do to make the transition and if there is time to achieve all the changes required
  • How TRs and service provides can work together to ease the transition
  • How the file formats differ between TRs and what can be done to resolve this
  • How to streamline data management across regulations such as SFTR and EMIR
  • If Brexit will add further complications

View the recording and learn what you need to address before making the transition.

Challenges to consider:


Data formats - Adaption of new TR’s/ARM’s technical specification and ensuring they receive all required data


Short time frame – Considering the capacity limitations internally and with the new TR and/or ARM


Adequate data – Are all the required data to complete the report in your source system(s) or do you need support from the vendor?

CSS can help guide you through these and other concerns, including:

Guidance from our regulatory reporting experts - together with the client we assess the data required for reporting.

CSS provides seamless integration to your source system(s) and the ability to consolidate static and transaction data to secure complete reporting

This is all so you don’t have to worry about data formats or the correctness of your reporting.

Make sure you don’t miss any blindspots. Download the portability fact sheet.

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We understand this move wasn't in your project planning for 2020, so how can we ease the burden on your operations team?

Data management made easy

Our solution is file agnostic and integrates seamlessly with your client source system(s) and external platforms for retrieving trade information, so you do not have to worry about sending files in the correct format. Our team of regulatory reporting experts will help you ensure the correctness and accuracy of the data you report.

One single project

We will be your sole point of entry for all your transaction reporting needs. One implementation to our  multi-regulatory reporting solution allows you to send reports under EMIR, MIFIR, SFTR - all through one point of entry. We are also end-point agnostic, so you can send to the TR, ARM or direct to NCA.

A reliable partner with a proven track record

The team behind CSS already has experience porting over clients from CME/NEX Abide. By utilizing our best practices, CSS can reduce project risk and ensure that you meet the 15 November 2020 deadline when initiating the porting process from CME/NEX Abide.

Be part of a unique global RegTech platform

CSS is a trusted global RegTech partner that uniquely brings together innovative technology-driven solutions to support financial services firms in navigating a clear and strategic path through the complex and fragmented global regulatory space. Our solutions and services help firms meet regulatory deadlines while optimizing compliance data, operations and technology.