Key shifts in shopping tendencies have reshaped the grocery landscape this year. But as we move towards the holiday season, what will the shopping experience look like this Christmas? 

Over the course of the last year and throughout the pandemic, grocery sales have undoubtedly boomed, and it’s interesting to see how the behavior of retail customers has developed over that time. At a glance, it’s somewhat unclear what Christmas and the winter holiday period will look like for many businesses this year, at least from an in-store perspective. With some states and provinces across North America imposing new lockdown measures, some retailers are having the decision to serve customers in person taken out of their hands entirely.



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On the online front however, recent data shows that the frequency of online grocery orders and purchases will continue to stay at high rate across the United States and Canada, and it should remain that way this Christmas and beyond. Over 500 consumers were polled in a recent survey, with 53% responding saying that they have shopped online for groceries during the pandemic, and 37% said they purchased items more frequently online than in-store. The survey, released by Oracle Grocery Retail, also collected data that could indicate a continued positive forecast for the online grocery industry well into next year. According to the survey, 93% of shoppers said they plan to shop online for groceries even after the pandemic is over.


As for home delivery, 72% of respondents claimed that they have utilized home delivery services to get their groceries, with 15% saying they have elected to use curbside pickup. The survey also found that meal subscription services are on the rise, although at a slower rate. Of those polled, 10% already had one subscription service and added another during the pandemic, with 4% signing up for a subscription for the very first time. 

So what can we learn from this new industry data and these expert insights? Shopping patterns - both online and in-store - are leading to steady online-dependant consumer behaviors, meaning retailers will need to bolster their infrastructure to support this if they want to remain competitive beyond the holiday season. 

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