Returning to The New Workplace

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  • Guidelines and rules to ensure hygiene.
  • Workplace social distancing.
  • How to commute safely to and from your office.

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How do we safely return to the new normal workplace?

Daily self-health checks

Before leaving for work each day, it is vital all employees ensure that we are in good health. Check your temperature before you leave home. If one of the team has a fever, don't feel well or has any flu symptoms, they should avoid going to work.

Arrival to the office

Upon entering the building, employees should use new touchless scanning sensors to take their temperature before being allowed entry to the workplace. Those with an elevated temperature should be told to return home.

Wear a mask

All employees should be required to wear a mask in areas where social distancing requirements cannot be fulfilled. This applies to confined areas such as kitchens, hallways, common areas, and bathroom facilities.

Social distancing

Tables should be at least six feet apart, and workstations and office spaces may have to be reconfigured and some areas closed to accommodate this goal. Staff should be able to work in both a safe and comfortable manner.

Regular cleaning

Employees will be required to tidy and clean their workspaces when they arrive and leave each day. Desks should remain clutter-free. Common areas will be cleaned by cleaning staff daily. Their cleaning schedule should be respected.

Good hygiene

The frequent washing of hands with soap and warm water has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs. In high traffic areas where there is no soap and water nearby, hand sanitizer stations should be made available for staff.

New working space, same team spirit!
How the new normal can help improve the way we work












Greater flexibility

With staggered start times to ensure that employees avoid, where possible, peak congestion times on public transport and entering their office building, staff can now have greater freedom over how and when they work.

Improved communication

Many of your staff may continue to work from home and it is therefore vital that messages via email and video calls be clear and concise. With the number of follow-up emails or calls reduced, productivity will increase.












This is a difficult time for everyone. As everyone transitions back to the new office environment, working together as a team will be paramount. Extra patience and empathy will be required considering the new procedures in place to protect employee health and well-being.











More efficiency

As you return to the new office environment, you, your managers and all staff need to be more organized than ever. Everyone should plan travel times; ensure they are in good health before leaving home; and plan work and meetings around office cleaning schedules. By being more organized not only will you be more productive in our jobs, but also in your personal lives.