Webinar recording:

From source to CRM - Ingesting and leveraging advisor team data for intelligent distribution



Today more advisors are members of a functional team than just a year ago. What you don’t know about these teams can lead to ineffective and inaccurate reporting, sales, marketing, and targeting strategies.

1) Can you tie sales and activity back to relevant teams? Is that data accurate?
2) Does your internal/external know who’s the analyst, scheduler, and leader on every team in their territory?
3) Is marketing able to reach the right person with the right message, quickly?
4) How effective is your BI team if they can’t see the entire buying unit as a whole?

From establishing a good source of advisor team data to bringing that data into your CRM system, this webinar shares how asset managers are using Advisor Atlas team data in applications like SalesPage and SalesStation CRM managed app for Salesforce to improve accuracy, effectiveness, and decision-making.