Gifted Support Group: Co-Regulation, Mentalization and Other Tools for Helping Gifted Children with Emotional Regulation

Speaker: Dr. Vula Baliotis, Ph.D

Tuesday, November 19th • 6:00 p.m.
540 South Marengo Avenue, Pasadena, California 91101

Children are not just the sum of their external behaviors. They have a rich internal life that needs to be valued and understood. Gifted children tend to be particularly emotionally intense, perceptive, and sensitive, so they especially need help learning how to understand their internal experiences and to regulate the behaviors that stem from these experiences. Parents play a big role in gifted children’s ability to emotionally regulate—through emotionally attuning to and reflecting back to them that their internal experiences are both understandable and understood. This talk will discuss common internal experiences of children who are gifted, as well as how parents can help enhance their children’s emotional functioning.

About the Speaker

Dr. Vula Baliotis is a licensed psychologist whose interest and training are in doing deep, life-changing therapeutic work. She believes that individuals are rich and complex in nature, not easily reduced to a constellation of symptoms. Her professional and personal experiences have led her to focus on working with gifted, creative, and highly sensitive individuals; women (including those who are childless by circumstance); adoption; and individuals who are struggling to understand and come to terms with their identity. Among her specialized training, certifications, and continuing education, she’s certified to work with gifted individuals through SENG and certified for reflective parenting training through the Center for Reflective Parenting. In addition to psychotherapy and consultations, she also conducts assessments for giftedness and twice exceptionality, as well as comprehensive psychoeducational assessments. She also presents to the public and trains professionals locally, nationally, and internationally in her areas of specialty.