Cancer and the Immune System: Friend or Foe?

Speaker: Ayelet Marom

Saturday, October 19 • 10:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
540 South Marengo Avenue, Pasadena, California 91101

To understand cancer and find strategies to eradicate it, we need to understand the interplay between our immune system and tumor cells. We will get to know our immune system and discuss how cancer progresses and what is the role of our immune cells in disease progression. We will specifically look into the interaction between tumor cells and the healthy cells surrounding them and try to understand how we can use that to fight cancer. 
But in this race against cancer, scientists have learned to harness our immune system to inhibit cancer growth. We will explore the field of immunotherapy, to learn about the many ways in which our body can be its own weapon against cancer. 


About the Speaker

Mrs. Marom has been a cancer researcher and science educator for over 15 years. She earned her PhD in cancer immunology from the Weismann institute of science in Israel. As a winner of a prestigious award, she completed a post-doctoral fellowship at City of Hope, where she continued to study the interactions between tumors and their microenvironment.  Mrs. Marom also completed a business master’s program at the Keck Graduate Institute, and consequently co-founded a digital health startup to solve gaps in clinical trial recruitment using social search technologies. 
Throughout her career, she combined research with her passion for education and technology by teaching student labs and courses, for children as well as graduate students, and advancing and developing an E-learning platform providing accessibility to learning. She is currently leading groups for young scientists in the “STEM for families” outreach program at Caltech.