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Are you considering outsourcing to a Model Marketplace or Managed Account Platform? Or are you questioning whether your current platform is the right fit? We can help.

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The Next Frontier in Outsourced Investment Management 
Dispelling the Myths around Today's Managed Account Platforms

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Working with an outsourced managed account or unified managed account (UMA) platform can optimize your business and  deliver better investment outcomes for clients. But the range of advisor and client experiences will be wide depending on the platform chosen. Contrary to popular belief, not all platforms are the same and there are large differences in how they handle sleeve accounting, trading, fees, models and manger performance. Join us on October 23rd and learn:

    - How to transform and revolutionize the client
     - Achieving the next level of operational efficiency
     - Why all outsourced solutions are not the same
     - The keys to selecting the best outsourced

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When comparing platforms, it’s critical to ask the right questions and challenge the answers to be sure you fully understand the solutions that are offered. The answers to these questions can directly impact your client’s experience. Download our whitepaper to learn the 17 questions to ask when considering a platform.

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