The Participant would like to participate in a virtual data center site tour. NTT has, to the best of its knowledge, removed any personal data that may be visible in the images taken for this virtual site tour. Nevertheless, participating in a virtual site tour may result in the release of confidential information about a party, particularly information about the locations of companies within the NTT group, as well as the release of personal data. The parties hereby agree upon the following provisions governing the confidentiality of such information and documents (hereinafter referred to as “Conditions of Participation”): Confidential information and personal data must be treated by the Participant as confidential irrespective of how it is marked and shall include all information provided to the Participant, be it verbal, written or on data storage media, in particular, if this information or data is transmitted in connection with the virtual site tour. Should personal data be visible during this virtual tour, the Participant hereby undertakes to keep this data to itself and not to use it for any other purpose. Recording of the virtual tour is prohibited. In the event of a proven breach of the provisions of these Conditions of Participation, the Participant undertakes to pay a contractual penalty to NTT in the amount of EUR ??? (will be filled out later). These Conditions of Participation and its performance are solely subject to German laws. The place of jurisdiction shall be Frankfurt/Main, Germany. These Conditions of Participation shall enter into force as from its signing. It shall terminate upon expiry of all contractual agreements between the parties, with a minimum term of two (2) years after coming into effect or upon written termination by either party. The Participant undertakes to maintain secrecy on all confidential information exchanged under these Conditions of Participation for further three (3) years in accordance with its provisions even after its expiration or termination.