The New Rules of Podcasting on YouTube Full Study Access

On August 24, 2023, Coleman Insights and Amplifi Media released findings from a research study of 1,000 15- to 64-year-old United States podcast consumers called “The New Rules of Podcasting on YouTube.”

You may download the public version of the study here.

While there are several actionable findings in the public version of the study, we are offering complete access to the full study, with additional findings that include:

  • Local radio stations + online streaming services consumption and frequency
  • Audio/video streaming services used in the past month
  • Podcast consumption location
  • Podcast ad consumption
  • Favorite podcasts
  • Podcast category preference
  • Podcast service, app, or destinations used today vs. a year ago
  • YouTube podcast device consumption
  • YouTube platform consumption (audio/video) vs other platform consumption
  • How long using YouTube to consume podcasts
  • YouTube Premium subscription information
  • Appeal of video of hosts vs. graphics vs. static logo

You may find the information in the study valuable as you craft a YouTube strategy for your podcast, network, or agency. Multiple levels of access at different price points are available – fill out the form and will be in touch with details.

Learn more about The New Rules of Podcasting on YouTube and get access to the full study