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The Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) Program provides a launching pad for those with an entrepreneurial spirit including transitioning service members, veterans, and military family members who are ready to become business owners. The opportunity is ideal for those who are looking to run a full-time business, have experience coaching teams, and are comfortable in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Running a package-delivery business is hard work and a hands-on operation. DSP owners are responsible for hiring, training, developing, and retaining a team of 40-100 high-performing, safety-focused delivery associates. Amazon is helping entrepreneurs get started by providing a $10,000 Diversity Grant to qualified applicants. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Amazon Delivery Service Partner

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What to Expect

Launching a business becomes that much easier with Amazon’s delivery volume and resources behind you.

What you do
Set up your business

Use our suite of exclusive deals to acquire the assets you need to start your business. Work with our network of top-in-class service providers to keep your business rolling.

Build your team

You’re a coach. This is your team. As you set up your business, the most important step you’ll take is recruiting and retaining solid drivers that will enable the ongoing success of your operation.

Deliver packages

Your delivery team will operate up to 20-40 vans per day. Serving thousands of customers daily isn’t easy, but the smiles are incredibly rewarding.

Create your team culture

Your can-do attitude ensures your business reflects Amazon’s high standards and customer-obsessed culture. Motivate your team to exceed expectations on every delivery through coaching and development.

Grow your business

Deliver a great customer experience to gain more opportunities to hire more people, and deliver additional packages to further grow your business.

What we do
Get you started

Our exclusive deals on Amazon-branded vans, comprehensive insurance, industrial-grade handheld devices, and other services help you get your delivery business up and running.

Provide training

We provide both virtual and in-person training to ensure you’re set up for success, starting with a one-week introduction to Amazon, followed by a week in one of our Delivery Stations working with a community of existing owners and drivers to learn the tips and tricks of operating a successful delivery business from those who know it best. In-person training involves social distancing, temperature checks, and other enhanced safety measures.

Give you a comprehensive toolkit

We give you all the tools and technology you’ll need to run your business, including daily processes designed to keep your operation running smoothly.

Offer on-demand support

Owners receive ongoing support from Amazon, which includes comprehensive operations manual, driver assistance for on-road issues, and a dedicated Business Coach.

Share our experience

Amazon shares more than 20 years of technological and logistics experience to guide you in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the startup costs?

A: Assuming that you choose to take advantage of all third-party deals impacting startup costs that have been negotiated by Amazon in connection with the program, we estimate that it will cost DSP owners $10,000 to start their businesses. This is not a fee paid to Amazon, but represents our estimate of what it will cost to cover key startup costs including legal entity formation and licensing, professional services like accountant and lawyer fees, set up supplies such as a laptop and timekeeping software, recruiting costs such as job postings, drug tests, and driver training, and your travel for owner training. Upfront costs for delivery vehicles are excluded from our estimate as there is no upfront cost for delivery vehicles procured through the delivery vehicle leasing program negotiated by Amazon. You can find more information (including assumptions underlying the startup cost estimate) here.

Q: Do I need a logistics background to pursue this opportunity?

A: Absolutely not. The DSP program has many successful owners from a wide variety of backgrounds including military veterans, former selling partners on Amazon.com, educators, city council members, and many others. Logistics experience is not required.

Q: Where are these opportunities located?

A: Amazon is currently focusing efforts in many cities and states including, but not limited to: Boston, MA, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Philadelphia, PA, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA and several cities within NY/NJ.