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Outsourced HR—can it really work for you?

Outsourcing — we get it, it’s a dirty word to some business owners. Particularly when it comes to hr, it can be difficult to give up control of processes that impact your most precious asset, your people. When I joined EmPower HR in July of 2019, I can admit that I too was skeptical as to whether or not I could be a successful hr partner to a portfolio of clients that spans multiple industries, sizes, and structures.

I thought to myself. Well, without running the risk of sounding like a total outsourcing evangelist, I am happy to report, that my skepticism has turned into a deep-seated belief that most small to medium-sized businesses (smbs) should outsource their HR function. That’s right, most. We don’t pretend that all smbs are a good fit for Outsourced HR services. At EmPower HR, we deliver what matters to our clients through authentic connections and relentless accountability. What does that look like in practice?Let’s take a look.



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