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Corporate Athlete® Resilience Course

Corporate Athlete® Resilience is a new kind of resilience training that helps individuals define and identify different types of stress, learn how to respond to stress productively and employ strategic recovery to sustain high performance. These skills help individuals perceive stress as a growth opportunity and recover more quickly from episodes of stress. Our unique, multi-dimensional approach focuses on redefining stress – not avoiding it – to help individuals build resilience and enable higher performance.

Corporate Athlete® Resilience addresses:

• Burnout
• Managing Uncertainty
• Stress Awareness and Management
• Strategic Recovery

Corporate Athlete® Resilience Training Can Help Individuals:

• Understand the definition of resilience
• Gain clarity on three types of stress and the role each plays in life
• Learn skills and techniques to recover from episodes of stress
• Use the power of purpose and intentional behavior to enhance resilience

The Corporate Athlete® Resilience 1-Day Course is offered at our world-class headquarters and training facility in Orlando, Florida, as well as in cities across the US, or you can schedule a private 1-Day Course for your team at your organization’s location.


"As a former Blue Angel Flight leader, I understand the importance of positive emotional energy that inspires confidence and resilience. In order to succeed on difficult missions, we must train to expand and manage emotional energy."
    Captain (retired) George Dom
    U. S. Navy
   Former JJHPI Performance Coach

Upcoming Course Dates & Locations

Additional course registration will be available soon. If you would like more information or would like to reserve a spot, please contact us.

Headquarters, Orlando, FL
April 27, 2017
May 25, 2017
June 22, 2017

Cost: $1,000 

Other Locations

May 18, 2017 ♦ Arlington, VA

Cost: $1,295

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Public Programs

Private Programs

Private programs are also available for your team or organization. Contact us for more information and cost.