Interested In Presence?

Ticketmaster Presence®

The performing arts has enamored generations for thousands of years, capturing the imagination, shaping cultures and defining eras. Throughout history, one thing has remained unchanged: the ticket. However, the unevolved ticket posed problems for fans and arts organizations. These tickets were completely anonymous and transferable without oversight, causing approximately 5M fraudulent tickets to be sold every year.

To protect patrons while also elevating their experience, Ticketmaster launched Presence® - the next generation venue access control and patron engagement platform that replaces paper tickets with digital passes. Since its 2017 inception, Presence has streamlined countless back-office operations while also providing real-time insights that allow performing arts organizations to better understand, protect and engage with patrons.


Arts Organizations Are Using Presence to:


Streamline Theater Operations
Easily monitor ingress and patron scan rates in the box office using TM1 Entry, making informed decisions by leveraging real-time data.

Elevate the Patron Experience with SafeTixTM
Built on the Presence platform, SafeTix are encrypted mobile tickets tied to individual Ticketmaster accounts that come standard with powerful counterfeit protection. 

Unlock Patron Identity
Thanks to a fully integrated product suite, you’ll be able to understand who purchased the ticket, if it was transferred and who actually attended your event. These insights will help foster personalized engagement and drive revenue.


Streamline Your Theater Operations

Quick Setup

With Presence TM1 Entry, show setup is entirely revolutionized. Quickly configure events with an intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface within Presence TM1 Entry. Event setup can happen in a matter of minutes - even with multiple events per day for an entire run. 


TM1 Entry Quick Setup



Train Staff Quickly



The state-of-the-art handheld scanners make it easier than ever to train staff for scanning tickets. Immediate sensory feedback helps gate staff quickly distinguish good versus bad scans.

For more SafeTix staff and patron education assets, including guideful checklists, customizable social cards and more, simply visit Ticketmaster's Digital Ticketing Kit.



Provide Patrons Peace of Mind With SafeTix


RET Example

Built on the Ticketmaster Presence® platform, SafeTix™ leverages revolutionary technology to create a secure digital ticket that is connected to a patron’s Ticketmaster account. The ticket remains secure even if the original purchaser decides to sell or transfer their ticket.

SafeTix is encrypted through a rotating barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds, significantly reducing fraud. The tickets can also be added to wallet leveraging Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for a simple “tap and go” experience.

SafeTix is currently in Beta and will soon start scaling to Ticketmaster Presence clients. At Arts Summit, you will have the opportunity to experience SafeTix and learn more about this innovative technology.



Build More Meaningful Patron Relationships

Chain of Custody

“Because a new ticket is issued every time there’s a transfer or sale, event owners have the ability to develop a unique relationship with each fan and patron, leading to in-venue personalization and future communication while increasing their known fanbase,” says Justin Burleigh, Chief Product Officer of Ticketmaster, North America. 

Coming soon, you will be able to personally engage with your patrons. Since Presence is fully integrated with the TM1 suite of tools, and SafeTix tied to each patron's Ticketmaster account, you can identify and engage the actual attendees from each show within TM1 Marketing. You can simply add these new-names-to-file to your database, giving you the opportunity to communicate and build meaningful relationships with patrons.