Download the Microapps Look Book

A collection of unique microapp solutions for your LMS

The move to cloud-based LMS software presents a unique challenge for today’s Talent Management leaders: How can organizations tailor their platform to meet the specific needs of their user base and empower users to complete a task in a way not that is not available through existing workflows? Enter the microapp – a solution that enables you to extend your cloud software without the exorbitant cost and complexity of maintaining traditional customizations.

Microapps are quite literally small software applications embedded in or adjacent to your talent management system. They can take system data and present it differently, integrate data from multiple systems, enhance a workflow, or transform data outside of the system. Micoapps provide a way to leverage all this information and present it in a more powerful user interface.

We developed a Microapps Look Book to help you get a sense of some of the microapps our clients have commissioned to enhance their overall solution. We hope these examples will inspire you to realize that your cloud software vendor’s native features and functionality are just the starting point; the technology’s true potential is defined by your vision, creativity and will to deploy an efficient, intuitive, integrated and form-fitting platform to meet your transformational talent management goals.