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Stop Losing the Food Fight!

Group for Adult ADHD Women Struggling with Disordered Eating

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Stop Losing the Food Fight is a group that will offer an ADHD-friendly approach to developing healthier eating habits and get away from the disordered eating patterns so common among people with ADHD.

We will look at eating issues through an ADHD lens, including:

  • How ADHD impacts eating habits
  • Stimulant medication, appetite suppression and hunger cues
  • ADHD-friendly ways to build healthy eating habits
  • Getting away from all-or-nothing thinking about healthy eating
  • Healthy eating when you don’t like to plan meals or cook
  • Healthy eating challenges when you live alone 
  • "Mindless eating" in response to the need to fidget 
  • Bingeing and Night Eating
  • When Boredom or Frustration trigger eating
  • Setting reasonable goals for long-term habit change 

In this group you will feel supported and understood and will help each other find ADHD-friendly solutions that work. This will be a small, closed group. We ask everyone that joins us to commit to 8 sessions.

This group is not meant as an eating disorders treatment program for those with diagnosed anorexia or bulimia. 


This 8-session program will meet on Thursdays from 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM PM starting Thursday, October, 7th, 2021.

Virtual Meet and Greet with facilitators - Thursday, September 30th at 1:30 PM via ZOOM. Register here.


Kathleen Nadeau, PhD, founder of The Chesapeake Center, is an internationally recognized authority on ADHD. She is a frequent lecturer both in the United States and abroad and provides professional training seminars on topics related to ADHD. She teaches healthy daily habits and strategies to create an ADHD-friendly lifestyle.

Claire Weitzner, adult female diagnosed with ADHD who has struggled with disordered eating in the past and is passionate about helping other women in similar circumstances.


Sessions are $125/session, coded as group therapy (90853) if you are submitting to your insurance for potential reimbursement options. We will process payment after each session and send an electronic invoice with everything you need to submit to your insurance.

Please complete the form on this page and a representative will contact you to provide more information and confirm your participation!