With data becoming a commodity there is a question about how are service providers going to grow revenues? The answer lies in providing 5G network embedded services and monetizing 5G experiences. This approach requires service providers to leverage and monetize the full power of the new network, and transition from being just an infrastructure for OTTs to an E2E monetization platform.

Join this webinar to find out:

  • Will mobile customers pay more for a guaranteed 5G quality of experience, and if so how much revenue growth will it drive?
  • How can service providers ensure 5G quality of experience and how can they monetize it?
  • Sample 5G consumer and enterprise use cases that are built on network embedded services
  • How 5G network embedded services will ensure that service providers won’t be pushed aside by OTTs and relegated to only providing connectivity

Wei Shi – Intelligence Content Manager, Telecoms. com
Martin Morgan – VP Marketing, Openet
Ron Porter, Product Marketing Lead, Monetization Solutions, Amdocs

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