[Sample Course] The Catholic-Christian Vision of Flourishing: Vocations and Virtues

In this short introductory video, you will learn about one of 12 courses offered in the online Master's of Psychology program at Divine Mercy University. 

This course develops the Catholic-Christian vision of personal and interpersonal flourishing in terms of vocations and virtues, and human and spiritual resources. Students explore three levels of vocation and their discernment: (1) a call to goodness and holiness; (2) a call to being single, married, ordained or religious (consecrated); and (3) a call to work and to service to one’s neighbors.

This course also identifies psychological theory, evidence, and interventions that support this vision of human flourishing, a life of virtue, and committed vocations.

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Presented by

Craig Steven Titus, S.T.D., Ph.D.

Director and Professor of the Department of Integrative Studies