How to achieve and maintain high containment in a multi-purpose plant

We would like to welcome you to the 6th Annual High Potent Medicines Virtual Conference hosted by MarketsandMarkets from 18th to 19th of November 2021.

Speaker - Andrew Lemaire | 19th November 2021 | 15:30 CET

During the conference, we will cover the following subjects:

  • Interconnected and fully integrated process solutions to solve safety and GMP issues

  • Occupational Exposure Bands/Limits (OEB/OEL) and risk management

  • How high levels of containment are achieved while productivity can be improved

  • Containment technologies and concepts including case examples

  • Benefits of interlinking process steps

  • Case study

The presented case study, featuring our integrated PTS Batchmixer® demonstrates how a fully integrated isolator and process equipment solution offers high safety, efficient control and cleaning features as well as full compliance in terms of manufacturing regulations.

Dec Group designs and supplies both standard and custom-made isolator and containment systems for various processes such as filter dryer discharge, dispensing and sampling, micronizing and milling, aseptic fill/finish and sterility testing, nuclear containment and radiopharmaceutical handling systems. Also available in the containment product line: workbenches, mobile clean rooms and downflow booths.

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Meet the Speaker - Andrew Lemaire

Pharmaceutical professional with over 30 years experience. Lemaire's career started with GlaxoWelcome in various production process engineering roles in OSD, Fines Chemicals and steriles. Before joining the Dec Group, he merged his co-founded UK containment company with Jetpharma, a world leading CMO for contract micronization where he was technical director of the micronizing and containment equipment division prior to its sale in 2008 to Dec, where he currently holds the same position.



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