Dec Group R&D Center of Excellence helps improve process efficiency

Containment specialist Dec Group has state-of-the-art research and testing capabilities at its Swiss-based R&D Center of Excellence.

The Center is dedicated to improving process efficiency, productivity and safety, supporting Dec Group customers in their constant quest to meet operational and regulatory challenges.

It also provides customers with the ability to test their products, or suitable test products, using the Center’s in-house test plants, with tests prepared and carried out by specialist skilled Dec Group technicians. Customers are able to observe all testing processes on-site. ​

From powder handling including powder characterization to SMEPAC testing and particle size analyses, Dec has a full range of facilities and equipment to support your needs.

The Center covers more than 2000 sqm and hosts a suite of advanced testing equipment to ensure innovation and high performance. 

Dec R&D Center functions

One of the Center’s most distinctive capabilities is the testing of powder conveying capacities and performance for very difficult materials, including sticky substances, ultra-fine particles, etc.

Other R&D and Testing capacities include:

  • Mixing and blending
  • Sampling
  • Open and highly contained micronization
  • Milling and sieving
  • Particle size distribution analyses 
  • Clean in Place (CIP) and Sterilize in Place (SIP) solutions and performance
  • Dosing/dispensing accuracy 
  • Microdosing (mg range) technologies
  • Powder sterilization
  • High Containment SMEPAC Testing
Dec can also perform trials with customer products at the facilities of its subsidiaries in Germany, Poland, USA and China. 

SMEPAC Testing

To demonstrate equipment containment performance, in line with the ISPE's Standardized Measurement of Equipment Particulate Airborne Concentration (SMEPAC) guidelines, the R&D Center features its own testing cabin to carry out tests using lactose or other surrogate materials.

The installation includes all necessary equipment to complete containment verification testing including air sampling pump and IOM Sampler.

All samples taken including surface swab testing are sent to a NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) accredited laboratory for analytical testing.

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