Vekamaf – Dec’s New Representative in the Czech and Slovak Republic Regions

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Dec Group and Vekamaf.

Vekamaf is a service provider connecting production plants of pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other specific industries with appropriate equipment. One of their regional focuses for the provision of services and know-how is the Czech Republic and Slovakia​​​​​​. As of today, Vekamaf will be representing Dec Group as the first contact point in these geographical areas.

Vekamaf has a solid experience in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries since 1959 and has proven track record in collaborating with top pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the focus regions. They have strong technical knowledge in these fields and understanding in production challenges that customers often face.

Services and solutions covered by Vekamaf on behalf of Dec Group:

  • Powder Handling Technologies – Transfer, Bulk Handling, Dosing from mg to tons, Mixing, Sampling, Aseptic Handling
  • Particle Size Reduction – Micronization & Milling
  • Filling Solutions – Primary packaging, Filling for powders/liquids/gel
  • Secondary Packaging & Serialization
  • Containment Solutions – Barrier systems, Isolators, Downflow booths and full facilities
The principle of our partnership is to provide one-stop-services to satisfy customers in the Czech and Slovak republics. We believe that this partnership will enhance and enrich our businesses in the future.



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