Creating a Company Culture for Security | Tip Sheet

Creating a Company Culture for Security

A strong security posture requires every person within an organization. It’s up to each individual to embrace smart habits that promote a secure physical and IT environment. In a perfect world, employees would be required to verify the sender before clicking a link in a suspicious email. They’d use strong passwords and multifactor authentication. They’d never share login information.

The reality – it’s not so black and white.

Involta is here to help create a stronger security culture – one that is easily adoptable at all levels, from the CEO to the interns. Security should be a part of everyone’s job. Your role is to help your company rethink its habits so the business can continue to operate smoothly.

Download our Tip Sheet for ideas and insight that will help you create a company culture for security.

  • Assign accountability for all areas of IT security (that means you don’t have to do it all)
  • Prioritize risks appropriately (if everything is a fire, nothing will be resolved)
  • Take it to the top (earn buy-in from leadership to get the ball rolling)
  • Increase security communications (communicate early and often for best results)
  • Educate and Train (if employees don’t understand the problem, they can’t be part of the solution)

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