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Huebsch Command is the easy way to efficiently manage your business, increase profits and retain loyal customers.

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Huebsch® offers a smarter way to run your laundromat.

Access your commercial laundromat machines through the Huebsch Command portal, an online integrated management solution that lets you:

Accept mobile payments
Access full machine and user data and real-time revenue reports
Send programs and commands to machines remotely
Have peace of mind with 24/7 Huebsch Care support

Give customers what they want.

With the Huebsch app, your customers have more choices, a more convenient experience and more rewards—ensuring they return to your store again and again.

Bonus— A rewards program helps you stand out from the competition.

94% of consumers say they would use a mobile wallet if they would earn loyalty rewards.

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With Huebsch, smarter means simpler. Get Huebsch Command for your commercial laundromat machines to stay in command of your business.

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