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Speed Queen Insights is the easiest way to accept mobile payments, control machines and manage your laundry business from anywhere.

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Reimagine ROI

Speed Queen offers a total solution for your laundromat equipment needs. When you pair Speed Queen machines with Speed Queen Insights, you’ll discover earning potential you didn’t know was possible.

Speed Queen Insights allows you to:

  • Track store financial performance – whether you have one store or 10, you can now see it all in one system
  • Control your laundromat equipment from anywhere
  • Access machine, location and customer data
  • Issue refunds remotely for better customer service

Deliver a Better Customer Experience

When you use Speed Queen Insights + mobile payment, your customers will love the convenience of using the Speed Queen app to pay, driving higher revenue to your store and boosting customer loyalty. Using the mobile app, your customers can:

  • Pay with their phone
  • See their machine status
  • Receive notifications when their cycles are finished

Bonus—Stand out from the competition by offering rewards.

94% of consumers say they would use mobile wallets if they could earn loyalty rewards. Sign up for our live demo to learn more about how your customers can enjoy our robust rewards offerings.

With Speed Queen Insights, you’ll have access to the tools you need to make smart business decisions ... helping you grow farther, faster.

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