Webinar Artefact x Linkfluence | AI-powered analysis on the Covid’s radical impact on luxury brand’s image


Objectifs :

  • Brand image is always at risk as they are under scrutiny of fickle hyper educated consumers ready to switch from love to hate in no time.
  • The Covid-19 crisis has been an unprecedented period of communications where Fashion Houses broke their silence leading to strong reactions.
  • Discover the valuable insights on luxury brands impacted by the Covid from March to May 2020, enabled by the Artefact’s Data Marketing expertise combined with the Linkfluence’s power of its social data platform.
Speakers :

Arnould Moyne – Managing Director & Chief Product Officer Linkfluence


About Linkfluence:

We bring social insights to global brands thanks to our software solutions and services in brand equity tracking, trend detections, tribe tracking, campaign performances, online reputation and influencers discovery and measurements. We help brands connect better and bring the world closer with social data.


Cyril Fekete Partner Artefact


About Artefact: 

We are a global digital and data company offering services that transform data into value for organisations, thanks to a unique alliance of innovative AI technologies, proprietary methodologies and people expertise.



Webinar Artefact x Linkfluence
 AI-powered analysis on the Covid’s radical impact on luxury brand’s image

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