Using data appropriation to drive digital transformation with Sanofi


Sanofi is one of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Its Sanofi CHC (Consumer Health Care) branch markets over-the-counter medications that respond to what people want: improving the quality of everyday life, at every stage of life. Until recently, the sector had been spared by digital transformation, mostly due to regulatory complexity. 


Following the recruitment of a Global Director of Digital Transformation in 2017, the company identified a problem linked to their media mix. It was essentially focused on television, which prevented them from finding their growth points and effectively reaching their targets. 


The media budget was under the umbrella of a major media group, but was operationally managed by numerous agencies; this generated massive process complexity and opacity. Rather than rely on media agencies to take on digital, Sanofi wanted the opposite: internal experts capable of challenging their agencies to seek out value through innovation. The client also wanted to abandon vertical logic in order to revitalise exchanges between global and local entities, while legitimising global expertise.



Precision Marketing Client Case: SANOFI



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