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How COVID-19 is accelerating the AI transformation of businesses

June 2nd, 2020 15:00 - 16:00 CET Your Desk!

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How COVID-19 is accelerating the AI transformation of businesses: from nice to have to necessity.

Artefact invites you to the webinar "How COVID-19 is accelerating the AI transformation of businesses" on June 2nd at 15:00 CET to deep dive into the topic of artificial intelligence. AI is all around us and has become a strong ally for some of the biggest brands in a variety of industries.

You will gain practical insights and learn best practices on how businesses can leverage AI to save costs at scale and forecast in uncertain environments, based on use cases. From quick wins to strategic use across your business, AI can take many forms and becomes even more relevant during uncertain times like during the COVID-19 crisis. 

AI is moving from a "nice to have" position to becoming a necessity for businesses to increase efficiency and drive down costs.
This webinar is especially relevant for anyone in retail and e-retail industries, as well as for companies offering digital support to their customers.


  • Introduction to AI and its relevance in today's business environment
  • Starting with AI: from local quick wins to strategic use across your business
  • AI as a tool to increase efficiency and save costs in times of Corona
  • Examples from use cases of some of the world's major brands


Brian Rooney - Consulting Manager, Artefact DACH

Brian is the data & analytics team lead for Artefact DACH and brings over 9 years of experience in data and consulting. Brian is an experienced data engineer and analyst who has supported Fortune 100 clients in digital campaign optimization and setup, as well as supported large scale IT rollout and integration projects in the fashion, retail and energy sectors. Additionally, he has developed automated workflows for digital marketing agencies. Brian is a certified cloud architect and engineer (GCP) experienced on all three major cloud platforms driving projects from PoC to large scale could migration and has developed AI based campaign optimization algorithms for programmatic campaign management.



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