Piezoelectric Force Sensors or Load Cells

Some of the most common force measurements include durability, impact, drop, crash, material, and structural testing. What sensor technology would give you the best measurement result? Learn more about piezoeletric versus strain gauge based sensing  technologies, the different requirements needed for dynamic and static measurements, and how to select the best suited sensor for your application.

Join us for our This or That? Piezoelectric Force Sensors or Load Cells webinar on November 17th at 2pm - 2:30pm EST. 


  • Theory of operation: Piezoelectric force sensors and strain gauge based load cells
  • Selection Criteria to consider: Sensor stiffness, accuracy, size, thermal effects, and frequency response
  • Dynamic vs. Static measurements: picking the best sensor for your application

There will be a Q&A session after the presentation. 


Melissa Maze
Business Development Manager, A&D - PCB Piezotronics

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