Total Value Management: What is it? And why should I care?

Value is more than a matter of dollars and cents. Value must be calculated within the context of physician satisfaction, patient outcomes, and total cost of care. And that means your health system’s decision-making culture is a significant factor in this equation.

To learn more about the benefits of investing in improvements to your value analysis processes, make sure to join our panel of experts during our Executive Speaker Series webinar.

Listen as TractManager’s thought leaders Dee Donatelli, Director of Value Analysis Consulting; Dr. Mark Kestner, Chief Medical Officer; and Dr. Kristin Stitt, Manager of Value Analysis Consulting, discuss how your health system can:

  • Achieve a holistic, healthcare-specific understanding of "value."
  • Gauge the maturity, individually and collectively, of your value-adjacent efforts.
  • Empower stakeholders to make more rigorous and unbiased decisions.
  • Align your financial, operational, and qualitative goals.
  • Deliver the best possible care at the lowest feasible price.

Are you ready to start cultivating value analysis processes that are stable, sustainable, and scalable? Download the accompanying white paper.



Total Value Management: The Evolution of Value Analysis





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