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New Form I-9 Questions and Answers

The new Form I-9 is now mandatory for all US-based employers. It's critical that your organization has the proper procedures and processes in place to ensure you're in compliance with the new Form I-9 requirements. Watch this informative webinar to hear answers to some of the most popular questions around the new Form.

Staffing Company Escapes Potential $1.4 Million Form I-9 Penalty

Employers often consider the Form I-9 verification process to be overly burdensome and downright difficult to get right – a sentiment frequently expressed by organizations of all sizes and shapes that have frequent employee turnover. Nowhere is this more evident than within the temporary staffing world where workers placed at various client sites are considered “employees” of the staffing agency.

Form I-9 Alert: Dealing With Faulty Green Cards

What happens when the document you are reviewing has a clear error on its face, and as it turns out, the error was actually caused by the government? Can you (should you?) accept this document, and if so, how do you complete the I-9 and E-Verify process? Read on to learn more about a recent report on errant green cards and best practices for resolving document discrepancies!

E-Verify Lands Potato Company In Hot Water

This latest enforcement action comes on the heels of the recently published “New Form I-9,” and serves as a clear reminder to employers across the U.S. that I-9 compliance is not just about filling in a form and filing it away.

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