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Practical Guide to HMI Selection, Design and Operation

This eBook is for users who wish to advance their HMI knowledge. It covers a wide range of topics.

AutomationDirect’s HMI Handbook delves into the world of human machine interfacing with informative chapters on selecting, designing and installing HMIs. But that’s just the first half, the back half of the book focuses specifically on C-more HMIs with chapters covering how to use screen objects, how to configure events, simulation basics, recipe functions and so much more. Plus, we included a step-by-step tutorial on designing a functional AC drive control interface. This HMI Handbook is a great resource for those new to HMIs, those new to C-more HMIs, or those looking for some helpful tips and tricks for designing HMI screens.

What's Inside:

  • Chapter 1: What is an HMI and What Can It Do for You?
  • Chapter 2: Good HMI Software: What Capabilities to Look For
  • Chapter 3: Pick and Place your HMI
  • Chapter 4: 16 Tips for an Effective HMI
  • Chapter 5: Remote Monitoring with Embedded HMIs
  • Chapter 6: Layered Security Goes Beyond Hardware
  • Chapter 7: System Integrators Talk HMI Projects
  • *Plus an Entire Section Specific to C-more HMI