PLC Handbook

A Practical Guide to
Programmable Logic Controllers


This easy-to-read eBook is a helpful guide for anyone new to PLCs, but is also a great refresher for those fluent in PLC controls. Packed with information that covers the basics including the early days of PLCs, hardware options and software standards, to information on more advanced topics including cyber security, motion control, and feedback loops, this eBook is sure to have something for everyone.  

PLc eBook

What's Inside:

  • Chapter 1:  What is a PLC 
  • Chapter 2:  History of the PLC 
  • Chapter 3:  How to Choose a Controller 
  • Chapter 4:  PLC Hardware 
  • Chapter 5:  PLC Software 
  • Chapter 6:  PLC Communication
  • Chapter 7:  Practical PLC Topics

Plus a collection of PLC application stories to see what others are doing with their PLCs to inspire you!


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