Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for the food industry

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Why using modified atmosphere packaging technology in the food industry?

Modified atmosphere packaging aims to extend the shelf life of a foodstuff and maintain its quality. By responding to chemical, microbial or enzymatic processes. This allows the food industry to meet the expectations of today's consumers:  

  • Fresh products with a long shelf life  
  • Attractive food products (colour retention)  
  • Reduction of chemical additives (preservatives)
  • Maintaining food quality (taste and texture) 

The final result of a food packaging in modified atmosphere depends of the following factors: the gas mixture, the packaging machine, the packaging materials, the good hygiene, the temperature and the food product type. 

MAP-technologie in de voedingsindustrie

‘’For products with a water activity greater than 0.91 the shelf-life is doubled. It can be up to five times higher for foods with lower water activity. "  

Testmonial from an Air Liquide-MAP Expert

What kind of food can be packaged in MAP?

A wide variety of food products - dry or liquid - can be packed in a protective atmosphere (MAP):  

Cheese & dairy products

Gemodificeerde atmosfeer - gas - MAP - Kaas - Zuivelproducten - Air Liquide

Red meat, poultry meat, charcuterie

Fish and shellfish

Vis, schelp- en schaaldieren - MAP

Fruits and vegetables

Gemodificeerde atmosfeer - gas - MAP - Vruchten - Planten - Air Liquide

Dried fruits & nuts

gemodificeerde atmosfeer - MAP - gas -gedroogd fruit - Air Liquide

Bread, pasta

gemodificeerde atmosfeer - gas - MAP - Brood - Pasta - Air Liquide

Sandwiches, pizzas

gemodificeerde atmosfeer - gas -broodjes - pizza - Air Liquide

Prepared dishes, takeaway dishes

Gemodificeerde atmosfeer - gas - MAP - Kant-en-klaar maaltijden - Air Liquide
  • Cheese & dairy products 
  • Red meat, poultry meat, charcuterie 
  • Fish and shellfish  
  • Fruits and vegetables 
  • Nuts & dried fruits 
  • Bread, pasta 
  • Sandwiches & pizzas  
  • Prepared dishes, takeaway dishes

How to implement the MAP process - modified atmosphere packaging?

Each food and process requires a unique process. To implement the MAP solution, Air Liquide will advise you both on the technical implementation of food gases and on the choice of gas mixtures adapted to your application - The ALIGAL gas products include many gases specially designed to meet the requirements of the food industry. 

Air Liquide's ALIGAL food gases, gas mixtures adapted for MAP 

Air Liquide's ALIGAL™ food gases are specialized gas mixtures for MAP. They comply with all European standards and are covered by the ISO 22000 food safety certificate. Depending on the volume of your need, Air Liquide can provide you with the ALIGAL mixture adapted to your food packaging application.  

Les formats possibles d’ALIGAL disponibles:  

  • Aligal gas cylinders 
  • Pallet 
  • Liquid gas 
  • Gas installation 

The equipment required for the MAP process

To implement the MAP process you will need a packaging machine, a pressure reducer, a flexible hose and of course a suitable food gas to make everything work. Air Liquide can help you to orient yourself on the right MAP equipment to choose for your activity.  

Air Liquide offers a tailor-made service for MAP

Air Liquide is passionate about MAP's technology and potential and supports customers throughout the installation of the MAP process, its monitoring and the delivery of food gases. We put all our expertise at the service of your problems on MAP.

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Expertise on engineering issues for the packaging of modified atmosphere foods (MAP) 

  • How can you improve the shelf life of your food products? 
  • Why modified atmosphere packaging improves food safety?
  • Which gases from the Air Liquide ALIGAL range to choose according to the type of product to be packaged (meat, dairy products, prepared meals, fruit & vegetables, dried products, liquid food, seafood products, etc.)  
  • Need advice on microbiological gas filtration?
  • How do I set up modified atmosphere packaging for my food products?  

Implementing modified atmosphere packaging technology raises many questions and is a know-how. Air Liquide's Benelux expert engineers will support you during the daily challenges.

Expertise in the Safety of the modified atmosphere and gas packaging process

The safety of gas and gas equipment is essential for Air Liquide. We always carry out an analysis of the security measures to be implemented in your industry, we advise you, and we organise training for your staff.

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