Building a Right-Sized ESG Program
for Any Asset Class

Thursday, June 24th | 1PM EST

    As investors continue to prioritize responsible investment practices, more asset management firms are beginning to navigate the rapidly-evolving world of ESG. Coupled with increased regulatory scrutiny on transparency of ESG disclosures, many may be wondering how to undertake building an ESG Program that meets both investor and regulator expectations while still maintaining the integrity of the firm’s investment strategy and processes.
    In this webcast, we’ll talk about where firms should start in building a fit-for-purpose ESG program – one that touches on both investor and regulatory needs, recognizes the different opportunities and limitations within the asset classes that comprise a firm’s investment portfolio, and accounts for the firm’s investment and philanthropic priorities – with the perspective that ESG practices should evolve and improve over time instead of being a one-size-fits all, all-or-nothing approach.
    Join us on June 24th at 1 pm ET as Jessica Bonsall, Peyun Kok, and Alyssa Briggs from ACA’s ESG Advisory practice share insights to support your firm in its ESG Program evolution.


    • Jess Bonsall – Director of ESG, ACA 

    • Peyun Kok – Director of ESG, ACA

    • Alyssa Briggs – MD of Client Development, ACA

    • Jamie Smith – Director, International Technology, ECI


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