Top Cybersecurity Gaps in 2020
and How to Avoid Them

Tuesday, 11th August 

10:00 AM ET; 3:00 PM BST

Webinar - 30 mins

Cybersecurity continues to stay in the spotlight due to the ever-changing threat landscape. Today in 2020, hackers have taken advantage of organisations working remotely, with some companies not having proper security measures in place, and other softening their cybersecurity posture to work efficiently whilst remote.

Join Eze Castle Integration and Drawbridge Partners to discuss the top cybersecurity gaps in 2020 and steps to fix them.

Topics for discussion include:
  • New methods of cyber-attacks we're seeing across the industry in the wake of COVID-19
  • Top cybersecurity gaps and actionable steps to avoid them
  • Must-have tools, technologies and training for protecting both a distributed and centralised workforce
  • Jamie Smith, Director, International Technology, Eze Castle Integration
  • Simon Eyre, Managing Director, Drawbridge Partners

  • Dean Hill, Executive Director, Eze Castle Integration                                                                                          US: +1 800 752 1382      UK: +44 207 071 6802    HK: +852 3189 0101    SG: +65 6622 2345

This event has now passed.
You can watch the recording here.