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Outsourcing Tech in the Face of COVID-19:
Navigating Cyber, Legal and Operational Risk

Join Eze Castle Integration, Lightpoint Technology and industry cyber, legal and operational experts for a webinar on March 25th to discuss outsourcing in the face of COVID-19.

  • Bob Shaw, VP of Technical ArchitectureEze Castle Integration
  • Thalius Hecksher, Founder, NexGen 360 Global Fund Solutions & Advisory
  • Andy Volz, Head of Prime & Co-Head of Outsourced Trading, Jones Trading
  • Liam Croke, Managing Director, Operational Due Diligence, K2 Advisors / Franklin Templeton 
  • Brandi Gatlin, Managing Director, Lightpoint Financial Technology

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
1:00 pm ET



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